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  • Back when the quick cam video came out, I did some research into the history of brooms. I worte a speach for my highschool speach team in which I twisted this research to make a history of the opression of brooms nad how there was a modern movement of broom related civil disobedience. At The end, I sang the song with a broom. The people watching it loved it, but the judge didn't get it. The speaches in the category I tried out for were supposed to be about informing the public on an issue. I guess he was looking for something more serious. Oh well. --Krueger

Driving in the car with three children in the back fighting over whether one or the other had touched the third, I found myself darkly fascinated by this song. Is it not disturbing that the broom has firmly declared it's independence from the domineering John and then. . . almost immediately does exactly as John has ordered? With what seems to be only a token resistance! Alas. And yet, perhaps the broom too is getting something out of this dysfunctional but perhaps symbiotic relationship dance.

Or maybe it's just a song about a broom.


I think this song predates 1996 by a fair bit. I recall it being played in 1992 at the Orlando show ... anyone else?

See the explanation from Linnell of the songwriting process for it on trivia/info. He says he wrote it then so that would not make sense. --Self Called Nowhere 20:09, 8 October 2011 (EDT)