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So, I bought the Spine Surfs Alone EP via mp3, and LOVE it!...but...apparently if I had bought the actual CD, I would have been treated to a Flash video of "I'm All You Can Think About". Now, I really want to see this! I could make a case that it isn't fair, but then again, if I DID get to see it, I guess it wouldn't be that fair to those who payed the extra ten dollars for the real CD...hmmm...I'm enjoying this EP and this song very much, regardless! ^_^ - Stiddy

Does anybody know who did the Flash video? It doesn't look like The Brothers Chaps' (Experimental Film) usual work, but they are quite versatile. There aren't any credits on the disc or the jacket. -- InterruptorJones

According to this interview, that Flash video is actually the work of John Linnell. -- Rhinoceros Rex

Download it at --An orangutan

flash video[edit]

anyone have luck getting the video from to work on PC??? its just a zip with an extensionless file, i was expecting a .swf or .exe - wtf

Uh... so has anyone figured it out? >_>

It's a .exe made from Flash. -Ecks

So, if you're supposed to rename the file with the .exe extension, what do you do next? Because for me at least, it shows an empty DOS window (or whatever you call it) which disappears after about 2 seconds... -Magbatz

Er, it should start automatically. And no, you shouldn't be renaming it! Hmm... you can go to My Computer, then open the CD (that should do it), or even right click, hit AutoPlay, or even click Explore, and double-click "ImAllYouCanThinkOf". -Ecks

I'm talking about the file of it here (or here), since I didn't get The Spine Surfs Alone disc or the Venue Songs CD/DVD. -magbatz

I don't know... weird... well, buy the EP. It makes up for anything bad from The Spine and then some. Ecks

Does anyone have the download?[edit]

It appears to have vanished from - if anyone has it, I think I can make a Windows exe file of it - email is mattl at gnu dot org

It is available for legal download for 99 cents at the TMBG music store: [1] . Veloso 01:37, 19 Nov 2004 (EST)
I thought that was just the MP3, not the flash animation... *shrug* MooseBlaster 1:48, 19 Nov 2004 (EST)

Flash Design[edit]

I'm not sure if this is the right way to comment... I just joined. But as a Flash guy, I would suspect this is designed to look like a first time Flash movie (the 12 FPS and drawing style) but the apparent use of more advanced things like multi-frame graphics in the bird at the end suggest otherwise. I just have a feeling that it has something to do with the rest of it. --Hyren 22:13, 27 Dec 2005 (EST)

Perhaps someone who has all the relevant information can make another page or pages that has the alternate version(s) of this song? --Nehushtan 15:50, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)

In the video[edit]

What does it say in the book in the video when the singer goes "Your mind wanders when you read"? It's in French. Is it just nonsense or is it a passage from a book or what?

The text is from Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu) starting with the first volume Swann's Way (Du côté de chez Swann) which you can read in various places online. --badqueso 02:44, 31 December 2007 (UTC)

Streaming error[edit]

On streaming, this song is uploaded as "I'm All That You Can Think Of" is this another streaming error?

Hey Sam, I think it’s actually an alt title TMBG gave to streaming services, but I’m not entirely sure. TitanicFog (talk) 21:52, 16 June 2021 (EDT)

the greatest flash video i've ever seen[edit]

this has major shitpost potential, but i don't think i'm the one to do it

not sure if any of you are so inclined, either. the odds someone is looking at this page right now are very low

but someone will, i guarantee it