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Hi, my name's Stiddy. I used to have a bunch of stuff up here, but it was from two years ago, when I was a very different person. Or, at least, a not-as-happy person. But anyway...this page is under construction.

A comment from a long time ago...:7/24/04: Thanks for giving me a hand with the Blind Rhymes, Stidster! Remember I owe you a WTF (Wiki-type favor... it's an unfortunate acronym, I know) any time you need one! (By the way, are there ever going to be any more Songs of the Day? It's an awesome idea; I know I've tried to articulate the Johns' brilliance to many people, and a thoughtful defense of well-loved songs would be a great thing to refer skeptics to. Keep up the good work, mi amigo!) -- Octofish