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One thing I must say about this bootleg is that the live version of Particle Man on here is quite possibly the greatest version of the song ever put to tape. And given that I usually have a mild dislike for Particle Man, that's a pretty big feat.

Also, to anyone else who's listened to this, is it just me, or is TMBG's rendition of Frankenstein for this show way better than even the Edgar Winters Group original? - TheNintenGenius

Does anyone have a copy of this that they are willing to share? It sounds like there is some great material in this. - Y2J2K

My laptop (the hard drive of which houses the album) is currently busted. I'd love to share, but I unfortunately can't. - TheNintenGenius

I agree with the person that said this was the best version of particle man. I don't know if its the horns or what but it sound great!!!!!!!!!! --Goodtimes2

Are there pages for these live songs? -- Buzzmusic100 ("Keep your voice down...")

There are pages for the recordings that TMBG later released on Unltd. TMBG Unlimited - August. Not much point in creating pages for other songs played that night; even if they're on one of the better-known live bootlegs, it's still just one out of a great many recorded shows. ~ magbatz