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When Flansburgh says that "The melody came from a ska tape I bought without any publishing credit," I think he's just saying that he doesn't know and the tape didn't list who wrote the music for the Dr. Kildare theme, not that he doesn't know where the music came from (because he obviously DOES know where it came from--Dr. Kildare). To support this, the CD label from the John Flansburgh's Mono Puff Hello EP reads, "All songs by John Flansburgh except Dr. Kildare (music - unknown, lyrics - JF)." So would anyone be opposed to me deleting "(Of course, Flans's story is made interesting by the fact that his 'uncredited melody' is actually the theme from "Doctor Kildare"...)" from this page's trivia section? ~Drew

The Skatalites version is just barely recognizably based on the closing credits Dr Kildare TV theme which is credited to "Jerrold Goldsmith". I had to listen to several iterations of the TV theme to convince myself there was any relation at all. I would be much more comfortable crediting the Skatalites version. BTW: Skatalites version: [[1]]