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I am SO disappointed that TMBG didn't end up with a much greater role in both the film and the soundtrack. I had such high hopes. --Mr. B. 12:47, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Me too. And we didn't find out until the movie was almost out, even though, based on how long the animation process takes, they must have been forced out at least a year ago. I actually would have paid to see this movie, but now, not so much. I was fascinated, however, when my wife told me she thought she heard their song in a commercial. I was just impressed she was able to pick them out! --Oddjob 14:27, 29 January 2009 (UTC)


i am a huge fan of coraline myself. i am a teenager and it is weird for me to like movies that are rated for younger kids. i went to see the movie with my mom and her two friends before i went to lazertag with my boyfriend and friends when the movie first came out in february 2009. i instantly loved it. usually i would be scared to watch the movie again because of some of the freaky parts but i soon became obsessed with it and now i own almost every peice of merchandise: clothing, posters, 2disc collecters edition dvd, soundtrack, autographed scripts, customized bedding, even the dolls! i even have pajamas complete with a coraline watch and a button eye sleeping mask. the movie and book were so good each sort of different but both thrilling! i hate when people trash it(though many dont)it makes me feel like they are not respecting my opinion. i suggest that evey one over age 10 should see it. i had a movie party last july showing the movie and everyone in my grade came. also my little sister's friends came. this is great sountrack that is peaceful, thrilling, and epic.