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tape 2[edit]

after some careful thought i was going to simply delete the second entry on this page but i thought i'd ask here in case anyone has an argument i haven't thought of. essentially, the situation is thus: i believe this tape does not exist.

first, there was the revelation that the first four tracks are identical to the contents of a 1985 tape. secondly, the background noise fades out abruptly at the end of rwsa, and starts up suddenly at the beginning of hell hotel, which indicates to me that what we have comes from two different sources. (there isn't a similar fadeout between any two other tracks). furthermore, although we claim this version of biggest one being a demo exclusive to this tape, it sounds identical (as far as i can make out) to the version found on the 1985 demo tape.

so what i'm hearing is: a 1985 demo tape, with two tracks from their later, bigger demo tape tacked onto the end. it also doesn't help that no one seems to know where the circulating rip came from, or anyone that owns a copy. perhaps it was sourced from the Bill Krauss Demos? regardless, we have no evidence for this being an item that actually exists.

thoughts? --ant 15:22, 29 December 2017 (EST)