Songs For Chop

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Songs For Chop ep cover
Songs For Chop
EP by They Might Be Giants
First released June 2016
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Tracks 8
Label The Chopping Block Length 9:19
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Songs For Chop is an EP compiling They Might Be Giants's contributions to The Chopping Block over the years. It was released via the Chop Shop.


Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Oranges 1:09


2 Robot Design 1:04


3 I Got My T-Shirt Back 2:22


4 Prisoners Of Graphic Design 0:57


5 Oranges (Alt) 1:13


6 Oranges (Instrumental) 1:09


7 Oranges (Instrumental) (Alt) 1:13


8 Chopping Block Testimonial 1:12




From the Chop Shop Twitter Feed[1][2]:

The album cover is from a never completed massive TMBG website we were doing to replace the presidents [...] There was another version that never got out of the idea stage. But this version used in the cover was going to be an interrogation room for the home page and the rest was underground. Except the kids stuff was in the sky in a blimp.
This in reference to the Flash-site from 2001-2006 at