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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Pretty great. Was my first ever show, got there on time(the Johns said to arrive early), and waited because they were a lil late, but opening with Synopsis was beautiful. Had my Apollo 18 tee on, so when they announced it was Apollo 18, that's when I knew it was one hell of a night. Flans missed a line of Narrow Your Eyes (so let's put the cold hard facts), but if I was thinking about Beethoven statues and fly festivals... the stage banter was amazing. I thought it was a myth, but lo and behold, the Johns really are worth seeing for banter alone. We also heard some songs, too. Epic drums on Actual Size, Fingertips was great, Moonbeam and Bronto were bopping, was NOT prepared for the fire-alarm bell on Shoehorn, and seeing some Spine is always nice (Museum of Idiots with horns, someday?(unless they did and I missed it))
Before the second set, I got myself a ball cap so that my hair didn't fling around as much from the rockin. I exercise a lot, but I built up a sweat somehow? Either way, Man It's So Loud got me goosebumps, and I love some Out Of Jail. Where Your Eyes Don't Go wasn't a Lincoln song I expected(was probably played at every other show, given my luck with these kinda statements) Lie Still Little Bottle was EVIL. I didn't know the depressing song about alcoholism and pills could also grab me by the collar and threaten me to death! Particle Man went to Venus, Lumberland was bombastic(holy hell, they did the poses and everything, mwah), and then they had a band meeting... before coming back with Letterbox! People were shouting out songs, Istanbul, Doctor Worm were named before they came back... I shoulda shouted Thunderbird! Or My Evil Twin! But my hopes are too high and my mouth was too quiet. Love Number 3, Love Don't Let's Starting, and as Destiny's Grandchildren, they were forced to preform Bills, Bills, and more Bills(they don't make the rules). 2082 was sweet, and after a band intro, they blew the house open with Can't Keep Johnny Down.
The encores were good, too. Istanbul with only the Johns(Jf asking pleeeease take me back to- *JL rasberry sounds into the mic*), and a bombastic Dr. Worm. After that was Spider and The Guitar, and we went home. Beautiful show all around.