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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Banter items I made note of as I was writing down the setlist:

  • "Meet the Elements" - Flans called this "a song that teaches you stuff you don't want to know"
  • "Famous Polka" - introduced simply as "the only polka we know how to play, and the TMBG national anthem". No vocals.
  • "Nonagon" - Linnell: "We wanted to do a whole album about polygons but THE MAN SHUT US DOWN." He also claimed that they get angry letters from the heptagon, or septagon, for not including it in the song.
  • "Why Does the Sun Shine?" - Linnell - "the sun is so hot that everything on it is a gas. Cement. Rockefeller Plaza. All are gases." The elements involved in the chain reaction that powers the sun were Cohoes, Latham, Colonie, and New Scotland. After, Flans: "I didn't know there was a New Scotland." Linnell: "It beat the old one."
  • "Mammal" - Flans: "One of our early experiments in fact-based music." Linnell: "More of a love song, really."
  • "Particle Man" - Linnell sang "Chandelier" in the middle, including the lyrics "I want to swing from the chandelier, I want to live like triangle man doesn't exist." Before this song began, Flansburgh asked the audience to clap along, then made a joke about, "don't stop clapping, no matter what happens, even if we tell you to stop, even if we beg you, don't stop." About a dozen people, adults as well as kids, clapped incessantly and at a beat unrelated to what was happening on stage, for most of the next twenty minutes.
  • "I am a Paleontologist" - Weinkauf had us chant "We want Fresh!" until Fresh the roadie came out and showed us his socks, that had TACO STEGOSAURUSES on them. Apparently Fresh has been entertaining everyone with his socks all tour long but Danny felt those were particularly apropos. Linnell suggested taco stegos during the speaking break, as well as Schenectadons and Troyceratopses.
  • Before "Birdhouse", Flans said "this is a song we wrote about... *sigh* fifty years ago. The lyrics make no sense."