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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was the most rocking in store performance ever! Marty was on the drums with brush sticks, Linnell on accordion and Flansburgh on telecaster. This was held at the Powell's Books location in the Portland suburb of Beaverton, rather than the more famous in downtown PDX location, which Flansburgh expressed disappoint at not being at that one (the Beaverton one is probably better suited for performances like this). John and John claimed it was the first time performing Get Up and Go (or as they referred to it "Kids Go") and performed it twice to try and get it right. The version they performed was only 45 seconds long. I was excited to hear Roy G. Biv as it's one of my favorites off Here Comes Science. I think a lot of people are surprised seeing TMBG live for the first time with how much energy and enthusiasm they have when performing even in a quiet book store but its my favorite thing about them. I randomly met up with Ant in line to get things signed. He brought all kinds of rare TMBG/Mono Puff/State Songs vinyl to be signed, it was awesome. Ant and I got our picture taken for the Powell's website's recap of the event, happy to represent TMBG fans! - John-311


I have to agree with what John said above... this was certainly the most rocking in-store kids show that I could imagine... mostly made of the best kids material. Flansburgh had some guitar trouble during Particle Man, I believe, and that song ended up being mostly just Marty and Linnell, which was cool. They said they'd just started rehearsing Kids Go! 20 minutes beforehand, and if so, they did a pretty good job. Afterwards I met up with John-311 in the line to see John and John (and Marty), and then got a bunch of stuff signed. Great show!