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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I figured that I'd do a "recap" because nobody else had. I'm not going to say a WHOLE lot, though. There isn't too much for me to say about this show.
Since it was at a festival, and a lot of people were there to see other bands as well, I guess TMBG decided they should play their more well known songs... plus a couple to promote their upcoming album. So, in my opinion, the setlist wasn't the best, but it was TMBG so it was fun. My friend Freakflag and I actually drove from Cincinnati/Northern KY to see this show, and just to see a new place. :D
It was extremely hot, but there were sprinklers on the side. And the stage was extremely far away, so it gave the show a less personal feel, which I didn't like very much. My friends and I did the Ana Ng dance when they played it, and most of the people who were with us in the audience looked at us like we were insane, since most of them clearly didn't know what we were doing. Hehe. All in all, it was fun, like I said, just because it was a TMBG show.


Just some trivia, during the song Why Does The Sun Shine?, John Flansburgh messed up on the lyrics repeating the sun's distance twice where the first time he was meant to say "if the sun was hollow".