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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Another fantastic set from the Giants. Flansy had a little Buckwheatesque thing going on with his voice but saw the whole set through with flair. He started out as the "maniacal conductor" standing in front of the drum kit and flailing his arms around the stage directing the playing. Eclectic to the end.
The sound was a little flat tonight but they are remodeling 4th and B and I'm not sure that they have tweaked everything yet. Maybe the Belly Up has spoiled me. Unfortunately there was no confetti cannon tonight. I heard rumor "on good authority" of a 4th and B venue song during the encore but no joy there either. Still a great set though. We got an awesome Famous Polka during the encore. I'm also glad to see that Alphabet of Nations has stayed in the rotation; I never get tired of it. -da3