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Review by Scott:
Well, we got lost on the way there from South Bend, so we missed the first three or so songs, being half an hour late. This WOULD BE the time they start at the scheduled time. Thus, I can't really provide a set list, but the two members of our party who met us there informed me that they'd heard (from outside the stage, as I had their tickets...) TMBG opening with Cowtown and playing Ana Ng and perhaps one other song before I got there, as They were midway through Working Undercover For the Man. They next commenced Birdhouse, and their solid set included Twisting, NYC, Istanbul, Particle Man, Robot Parade, 4 of 2, She's Actual Size, The Guitar, Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes (YEAH!), Doctor Worm and an encore of WDTSS and Spy. I think Spy was the only song played off of John Henry. I assume they played Boss of Me before I arrived...they must've started right on the dot. TMBG performed as a seven-piece, with John, John, the band of Dans, and a trumpet and trombone, which did a dueling intro to Istanbul. As late as I was, the show seemed kinda short to me, but that's my fault. The crowd was large, probably the biggest I've seen Them with, and there was quite a spread to the demographic. This 50-something guy in a business suit was dancing away next to a bunch of blonde preppy-looking girls who knew all the words to every song. I was surprised. While this didn't end up being worth the $30 our tickets cost plus the car trip with all its additional expenses like parking and gas, it was a good show. It couldn't top the one last fall at Park West in Chicago, simply because that was inside, packed, and everyone was really into every song. At Navy Pier, the crowd was big, but very few people were really getting into the songs, especially disappointing on the lack of swaying in The Guitar. Plenty of moments of TMBG-inspired ecstacy, though, for me.

They also played Older, which I forgot to mention, the sound guy sang harmony on Robot Parade, and Linnell was surprisingly energetic throughout, jumping up and down while playing the keyboard, his still-uncut hair bouncing with him. Linnell also was quite talkative while he introduced songs he was playing accordion on, making non-sequiter announcements like "Ohhhhhhhhh Yeahhh." "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHh, Yeah!." "ARCHITECTURRRRRE." in a baritone voice. Anyway, that's all I've got to add to my previous comments. Also Flans read the schedule of events for their show the next day in Salt Lake City, which showed them playing for 25 minutes after 2 minutes of national anthem and seven minutes of "pagentry." It also included a 15 minute unexplained "warning". In the introduction to Why Does The Sun Shine, Linnell started to say "This song is about..", when Flans cut in with "This song is about 2 minutes long!" , then blasting into the song. Apparently everything on the sun is a gas, including plastic bags, paper bags, aluminum foil, aluminum wire, and more foil, aluminum wire, and more plastic bags.