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Graham Maby just kicks ass, I'm sorry he's not with them anymore, this was the last show I saw where he was playing with them and singing. Flans introduced S-E-X-X-Y by saying "This is a song about my grandfather." That's about all I remember.

Review by Michael Harrison (
They were also still doing the puppet shows, and they performed the I Am Not Your Broom sketch made famous on the QuickCam that year. They called everyone down from the balconies during The Guitar. This was my first TMBG show and it was definitely one of the best.

JBullins: This was my first TMBG show also, and I remember coming down from the cheap seats to join in on the conga line during The Guitar. In addition to still using the puppets for Exquisite Dead Guy, Flansburgh still had that giant log thing that we would pound on the stage, I want to say it was for Lie Still, Little Bottle.