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Review by Kat:

That list was copied off the band's actual set list (including spelling mistakes). The gig was at the now defunct Planet Nightclub in North Perth, a smallish but very good room. It was sold out (tmbg have avery healthy Perth following). They were supported by the suitably odd local band Cinema Prague, who put on a great show. This is going back about 2 years so obviously I can't remember all that much, but highlights included the puppets on sticks for exquisite dead guy, which I think they had at the other Australian shows, and a congo line which proved a quick and easy way to lose your spot at the front! The Johns really don't have that much 'stage presence' (but who cares?). It was a great show and I was lucky enough to grab a setlist off the band. Hopefully next time they come it will be in a bigger room (fremantle passenger terminal, perhaps) or there'll be lots of dissapointed fans. Their popularity has grown a lot over here, so at the next show expect to see hoards of people who only know thw words to dr. worm (ana who?) !!!