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Review by Lance Kirk:
It was a long rainy drive and I was worried that the concert may be canceled, because "Magnolia Court" sounded like it was outdoors. Sure enough, when I got there and found my way to the Magnolia Court, it was deserted. I forget now how I found out (may have asked a student at the library), but the concert had been moved to the Student Union. This was a large room, with low ceilings and much smaller than a typical dance venue. There was only one "bouncer" at the door and I don't remember any T-shirts being sold, although they might have been.

The concert itself was unique simply because of the size of the audience and venue. There were probably about 100 people there and it was real easy (and painful) for me to stand right up against the speaker. Some of the people there seemed to have wandered in and stood in small groups during the concert, not necessarily paying attention. As for the music itself, the only song that I remember particularly was "Older". They did this with the 10 foot puppet heads.

Yeah, I know, "Older" is not on your set list. Not sure about your set list, but I'm relying on memories 6 years old!

I was able to take plenty of pictures, which I may or may not have with me (I'm living in Singapore now). If I can find them, I'll scan them in and send them along. I also have the ticket stub, but that's in storage in the States.