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Setlist: (not even close to complete and totally out of order, but give me a break, it was almost nine years ago :))

They Might Be Giants
— with Pere Ubu opening —
The Blue Note in Columbia, MO
September 14, 1993

Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was my first TMBG show! It's strange to think of a time when I didn't know what the Johns looked like. They were so entertaining, this was definitely the best show I ever saw at the Blue Note, by any artist. And that's saying something; it's a good venue. A fan was born.
The opening band was Pere Ubu, whom I can only describe as interesting. Heavy on the sonic experimentation, light on the discernible melody. Good sense of humor, though.
I was up in the balcony, but it's a pretty small venue so this was actually a good vantage point. And Flansburgh dedicated Extra Savoir Faire to the balcony crowd, saying that he remembered it was like to have to sit way back in the cheap seats. (He was joking, though, or just misled; the show was general admission.)
Why Does the Sun Shine was not the rocking version they play these days, it was the EP version. It featured the glockenspiel, played by Brian Doherty as I recall.
Flans began singing O Do Not Forsake Me while the crew were moving things around (perhaps the glockenspiel but I can't remember for sure). He started off a capella, but I think at some point Linnell jumped in on keyboards. It was in Flansburgh's normal vocal range (i.e. not as low as the album version featuring Hudson Shad). I wish I had a recording of this.


I was at this show and I don't remember the setlist, I seemed to remember them playing "Don't Let's Start" and "Ana Ng." I remember the really freaked out set by Pere Ubu with the lead singer holding a metronome and a woman in the band playing a homemade stringed instument, TMBG playing a show at Tower Records earlier in the day, and the "stump the band" song was "The Tide is High," which they nailed.