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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $10 in advance, $13 day of show.

Review from The Tampa Tribune (Apr. 6, 1992):

The two Johns, with the help of some prerecorded rhythm section and keyboard tracks, strolled through about 25 songs and ditties for an audience ranging in age from their teens to their 40s, many of whom sang along with every single word.
The swinging, showbiz-mocking "She's Actual Size" gave way to the loping beat of science-lesson-in-a-second "Particle Man," the guitar-slashing "Spacesuit," "Twisting" and "Boat of Car."
Flansburgh and Linnell continued to raid their five-album catalog, with the most enthusiastic reception going to "Kiss Me, Son of God," a cheery sing-along about the dangers of theocratic totalitarianism; the funk-thumping "Your Racist Friend"; the rock-revved "Don't Let's Start"; the Mideastern-riffing "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"; and the giddy, halting "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair."

Freedy Johnston, the singer-songwriter who preceded the Giants on stage, was easily overshadowed by Tampa alternative pop quartet Clang.