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Hello everyone. John Flansburgh here with a brief power-point presentation. 

The graphics kind of stink.

1. TMBG's new song Apophenia is here and it is a great song.  
    Listen to it twice and you will be forever with it.

2. Our Holiday Bundles are already here. 
        a. all of them save you a massive 30% or more 

        b. they are filled with brand new stuff
        c. one includes the elusive TMBG blue canary light light

        d. one lets you pre-order our new kids album Why? with a 
            kids shirt AND a yo-yo (think HOLIDAYS people)

3. Thursday is Thanksgiving! Good luck, everyone!

4. Our new kids album Why? arrives everywhere Friday!

5. This next Sunday John and I are playing a special DUO SET
    with drum machine-based tracks a la back in the olden days.

6. We are playing New Year’s Eve, touring the UK and across the United States!

That’s the end of this power-point presentation.

Y’all rock. Thanks.
John F., TMBG
And be sure to check in with Apophenia on You are going to dig it! 
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