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TMBG's Australian tour has begun!
ADELAIDE November 4 at The Gov
BRISBANE November 5 at Tivoli
SYDNEY November 6 at the Enmore Theatre
MELBOURNE November 7 at the Forum Theatre
Here this week’s DIal-A-Song
Elephants with Danny Weinkauf
 A special preview of TMBG's  
new kids album
Go to or call—
it’s toll free, never busy, always waiting (844) 387-6962…
they're not the largest mammals

but they're biggest on the land
so when I say "please step away" 
I know you'll understand 

they've got two tusks up front for fighting
or digging in the dirt         
so you can see how easily
you'd end up getting hurt

get out of the way
get out of the way
the elephants are coming through your town today

they're great communicators
with waves called infrasound
seismically clear - you'd barely hear
them travel through the ground

and while the cows all stick together 
and congregate at home
the bulls go out and walk about
they'd rather be alone 

get out of the way
get out of the way

the elephants are coming through your house today   
Why? arrives November 27th and is the perfect gift!
This Why? bundle is too good to be true but it is!
With the holidays coming up, give it as a gift and share the 
joy of TOO MUCH TMBG. 
You immediately get four great songs of BRAND NEW MUSIC with your order,
then you will receive a  delightful t-shirt
(available in every size under the sun)
and professional quality Official TMBG yoyo (the TMBG ONE-
did you know all real yoyos have model numbers?).
They Might Be Giants are playing Australia, 
the northeast U.S., 
Brooklyn theme shows 
including New Year's Eve shows,  
the United Kingdom
and now MORE U.S.!
on to the northeast U.S.
PORTLAND ME! November 19 at Port City Music Hall​
UNCASVILLE CT November 20 at Mohegan Sun
This Audience Appreciation Show is TOTALLY FREE
Seating is limited so get there early if seating is your thing, 
but standing is always available.
BURLINGTON VT November 21 at Higher Ground Ballroom
TMBG back home in Brooklyn 
BROOKLYN NY November 29 DUO and BAND!
An Evening with TMBG including a DUO SET. A two-set, “evening with” show. 
John and John return to their roots with a special duo set, 
along with a full band set performing all the favorites. 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Celebrating the conclusion of their Dial-A-Song year and the beginning of 2016. 
Ring in the new year with all the TMBG favorites and everyone singing Auld Lang Syne. 
Special late 10pm doors! Music Hall of Williamsburg
An Evening with They Might Be Giants and the theme will be… 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
A “Farewell for the Moment” Evening with They Might Be Giants and the theme will be… 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
TMBG in the U.K.
NEWCASTLE January 28
BELFAST January 30

GLASGOW January 31
CAMBRIDGE February 3
LONDON February 4

TMBG wraps up 2016 in the U.S.
17 March - Baltimore, MD
18 March - Covington, KY
19 March - Milwaukee, WI
20 March - Chicago, IL This is our
one and only US kids show!
22 March - Omaha, NE
23 March - Denver, CO 16+
26 March - Los Angeles, CA
27 March - San Diego, CA 21+
29 March - Tucson, AZ
31 March - Austin, TX
1 April - Houston, TX
2 April - New Orleans, LA 18+
3 April - Pensacola, FL
5 April - Tampa, FL
6 April - Orlando, FL
7 April - Asheville, NC
8 April - Atlanta, GA
9 April - Raleigh, NC
10 April - Philadelphia, PA

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