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I think this is just a song about how kids adore toys and every holiday that gives toys, every type; Dolls, trucks and more but now [In 2006] things are very different as robot toys and more such get more popular until teddy bears and dolls get to the "Ew" stage. User:Goodtimes2

Oops. I always thought it was, "take your clothes and play." Toddlers want to wear birthday suits but Toys-R-Us isn't a nudist colony.


"My little girl" as the singer's girl-friend[edit]

"My little girl" can also mean the singer's girlfriend (see Don't Let's Start). "Take your Close'n'Play" does sound a lot like "Take your clothes & play". Via this interpretation, he's saying his gf is angry at him & packing up her clothes to leave and he sees this as a childish tantrum.--Tassie Jess 05:17, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

It's About the Album Cover![edit]

For a while it has clicked with me that "Toddler Hiway" is about the parade depicted on the album cover. There are toys and regular household items all along the road, looking silly enough to be a "Toddler Hiway." On top of that, one of the lines in the song is "The parking lot fills 'round Toys-R-Us," and if you look at the back of the album cover on the cd, the toys are all headed towards a big mall parking lot, where a Toys-R-Us might usually be. I just think that's exactly what it is, and I'm surprised that no one else has thought of it here. -Kierancaspian


This song is about seeing your daughter go off to college, while you remember the good old times when she would ride her bike in the Toys R Us parking lot. "My little girl, she will get away" references the feeling of the parent, who is still trying to grasp onto their child, not wanting to lose her.--You&Me!! (talk) 08:16, 25 May 2022 (EDT)