Interpretations:The Famous Polka

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The basic idea of this song is that there is a guy in love with a celebrity. He doesn't have anything in common with her, but he says he does. The similarities don't mean anything, and he really doesn't have anything in common with her. Who cares if he and the famous person have the same waterski size? Who cares if she just so happens to have the same number of cars as years he's lived in his hometown? If she has blond hair, and he has brown, that's a difference, not a similarity, even if they start with the same letter. --My Evil Twin's Twin

I agree except that it's not necessarily a famous person. The person being famous simply means that it's someone who's completely out of the narrator's league and no matter how he thinks of it he finds ways to make it seem like he's perfect for her. I think most males who have ever been young can relate to this song. --Rilom

"Phone inside her ribcage" most likely means "her heart"...she doesn't love him --Ra'akone

In addition to the interpretations of the lyrics, I always felt the music itself had an air of being a musical battle between Flans and Linnell, what with the heavy back-and-forth electric guitar and accordion parts. --CaptainSpam

It's another stalker themed song, like I'm Your Boyfriend Now, but while the singer may obsess over their similarities he's enough of a realist to know he hasn't got a chance. Happy ending!

I speak from experience--this is what happens when you just try to write random lyrics based on a very TMBG-ish concept--a phone inside someone's ribcage. 02:03, 23 July 2008 (UTC)