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I was watching this video with a few friends, and they noted how when Linnell sings "Solid", the song is slow. It gets a bit faster with "Liquid", and it's fast with "Gas". Perhaps there may be a relation between the molecules of each and the tempo? Since Solid molecules just shake in place, Liquid molecules move around a bit, and Gas molecules fly around. -- Jason DeLima - ! - 02:49, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

Same applies for the next phrase of "plasma" which is set to a super-excited rate with a (perhaps unwisely chosen) ultrasonic frequency.

The politics of science[edit]

I agree, it's like musical onomatopoeia, like in "Mrs. Train". Clever indeed, though the song itself is pretty simple in its message.

...OR IS IT?!?! Maybe the Giants are trying to get kids to grow up to be world negotiators and peacekeepers. Observe:

  • "So could you make the air so cold it would be solid?" -- referring to the Cold War, perhaps? The air became so cold it formed an iron curtain?
  • "Could you make rock so warm it would be liquid?" -- referring to softening immovable things, like bickering governments on hot-button issues.
  • "Could you make milk so hot it would be a gas?" -- here, the slang definition of "gas" could be used to imply that negotiations would be a "gas" after the listener got involved in the process.

Oh yeah, that's overthinking it wayyyyy too much, but it's fun. :) --MisterMe 12:20, 24 March 2012 (EDT)