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I believe the whole point of 'Save Your Life' is a parody of Belle & Sebastian, the vocal delivery and lyrics (especially "not the kind whose kind") is very much like one of their early tracks. Furthermore, the description of Bog Standard provided by the Johns basically reads: Belle & Sebastian (who also used to have two members called Stuart). If I am wrong it's one hell of a coincedence. - Paul Kelly

"Save Your Life" is DEFINITELY a Smiths parody. Linnell is singing in a Morrissey voice, the guitar is a jangly TMBG-version of Johnny Marr's guitar playing. Also Morrissey has tons of lyrics about avoiding relationships, exactly like those in "Save Your Life". It's not just the voice, but the vocal phrasing is exactly like Morrissey. "You think you're sad but you never have been sad..." Just like how Morrissey squeezes extra words in even if it doesn't exactly go with the rhythm of the song. Also, I always thought the description of Bog Standard was a description of XTC. XTC never tour anymore and they don't leave their quiet little Swindon homes (swindon/shropshire) and Andy collects toy soldiers. - Jordan

I think the title of "Save Your Life" could possibly be a parody of the song title "Save Your Love" by Great White (Once Bitten album). They're both about love, TMBG's version about leaving and avoiding it while Great White's version is about having someone staying and waiting to love even if the results might be unfavorable. In both songs the chorus contains the song title, but then again so do most songs. But, I digress. It could just be a major coincidence that the song titles are similar and that they're both pretty much about the same thing from different perspectives of the outcomes. It makes it seem that "Save Your Life" could be a 'what if' of "Save Your Love". Then again, aren't most songs about love and it's different outcomes? -Brittany W.

Continuing with the XTC comparison, the former lead guitarist for the band is named David Gregory, and he has a brother named Ian. -VoVat