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This is a very disturbing segment of what appears to be a normal, yet random in nature, song. We can infer from the song that it is about a girl who wants milk. We can put this girl's age at anywhere from 4 to 14, as most 14 year olds would rather drink soda than milk, and therefore would never ask to pass it. Also because she is saying "Please" she would be in her pre-rebellious teens. She says "Please" twice in each stanza, this points to the fact that the young girl is not familiar with more advanced structures of the english language and is reminiscent of "Run jack run" etc. Ultimately I would put the girl's age at about 7, but it still could be anywhere from 4 to 14. She asks to pass the milk twice during the course of the song. This implys that the first request was not heard, or not acknowledged. At such a young age she should not be ignored when requesting (very politely I might add) a simple glass of milk. This ultimately leads me to believe that the girl in Please Pass The Milk is in a very abusive household that does not allow her to recieve milk after repeated requests. Truly, this is one of TMBG's saddest, if not introspective, works to date. -* Armicron

Wow, I never thought of it that way. - ( Herwwiyal ? )

That's probably the funniest thing I've ever read.

Agreed with the previous poster. ~AgentChronon

Uhm... wow. That's deep. o_o; I just thought it was about somebody who wants milk. Really badly. --Lemita 21:10, 23 August 2006 (UTC)

I had never thought of "Please Pass The Milk" that way, either. To me, it was always kind of an adoring stab at the banality of 1950's television commercials. The woman singing it sounds like a woman to me, not a child. Every time I hear it, I see black and white, and can visualize Donna Reed or someone like her, requesting the milk from perhaps a husband she can barely stand. Imagine comic actress Catherine O'Hara made up to the 1950-nines and barely holding in a smile of seething marital rage and hatred while singing this segment, and to me, it becomes fairly obvious what this song's about, what era it comes from, and what it's trying to say. I could be wrong.

I kinda agree, but I think it's more like mocking the people who tell their kids to act all polite and proper (since most proper kids drink milk and it sounds like a mother saying that). ~AgentChronon

Possibly inspired by Raymond Carver's book of short stories, "Will you please be quiet, please?" 03:27, 16 April 2020 (EDT) Adam


Pass the milk. PLEASE. "Crazy Chuck" Murphy (talk) 07:50, 20 January 2022 (EST)