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This has to be an homage/satire of Devo. --Neal in SF 14:54, December 22, 2005

Not Kraftwerk? [Christina Miller, February, 2006]
I'm going to second the Kraftwerk allusion. Why else would Flans say, "Danke Schoen," at the end of the song? My wife pegged this immediately as Kraftwerk sound-alike. --cjstuff, Feb. 2006
Yes, Kraftwerk. And fun jokes are in there, too. For the theater of "living arts", Linnell promises to bring "art that is dead" to life with electric shocks. The music and the pop existentialism of the second verse remind us of Mike Myers' Sprockets, another marvelous satire of Teutonic self-importance. --Nehushtan 00:43, 9 November 2008 (UTC)
I agree with that one d: --ΰΌΊπ„žπ„†β“†β“€β“”β“›βŽˆβ’Ήβ“žβ“œβ“œβ“β“–β“”π„‡ΰΌ» 18:04, 17 March 2010 (UTC)