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Interpretation 1[edit]

It's about Pennsylvania,goodbye. -Eyeball 17:19, August 20, 2006‎

Theme music[edit]

If I ever have a radio show or something like that, I want this song to be my theme music. And I'm not from Pennsylvania. --Clois​onné 16:52, December 8, 2011


Similar to "Mississippi" (see here), this isn't meant to be interpreted "lyrically." However, it's worth pointing out that the word "Pennsylvania" has four syllables. You could substitute that word for each grouping of four "la"s that Linnell blurts out and it roughly matches up until you finally get the actual singing of the word at the end. Still, this song is nothing profound, just Linnell goofing around with a sound. :-) --MisterMe (talk) 11:02, 13 December 2013 (EST)