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Here we have a song in the style of a school fight song. The reference to logic replication is clearly inspired by Henry Ford and his invention of the assembly line in Detroit. The urgent tone of the song suggests that Michigan is suffering from an over exposure to this kind of engine we must save Michigan's brain). As a fight song, the song yearns for Michigan not to give up the fight, but emerge victorious from the problems that assail it. --Pandastan 19:06, 16 Jan 2006 (EST)

A sort-of-abstract song of cyclical growth, collapse, and reemergence. The "again" at the end shows that although we don't know for sure if Michigan will grow back, there have been prior cycles to suggest it. Michigan could be related to government, social order as a whole, or some kind of phoenix-y animal, though I wouldn't say Linnell had any of these in mind. [It also reminds me of I Am A Human Head in that the narrator discards (eats/abandons) this thing they care about, only to yearn for its return.]

The Rise and Fall of Industrialism[edit]

Possibly about how Detroit, Michigan was once a successful growing city but has since collapsed on itself and is in need or revival.

"We must eat Michigan's Brain" may refer to a desire to replicate it's economic success, which ironically causes the original to become less competitive.