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Song About Life In Quarantine[edit]

My immediate interpretation upon first hearing this song was, that this song perfectly describes what we’re living in. The title of the song is the perfect example. I Lost Thursday, like forgetting what day it is. That’s certainly happened once or twice. After scanning the lyrics through, I realized almost each lyric reflects the quarantining we’ve each been doing. It’s super-natural how spaced out we can be, kinda reminds me of forgetting at times that we still need to be quarantining and we can’t just be going out a doing stuff. Anyways, that’s what I got outta this song. Overall it’s a really great song with a lot to it. Cant wait for the new album. Lukehennisch (talk) 13:14, 23 October 2020 (EDT)

Spot on, Luke! Losing track of time without a regular work or school schedule, "nights go right up to the next", and you hear people say things like "is it Saturday already?"
Meeting a group of friends or co-workers on Zoom is like being the guard in a "panopticon" prison - watching the home-bound inmates in little square cells while their lives are "standing still".
For an active and forward-looking person like Flansburgh, 2020 "was going to be the year" for accomplishment and improvement, but it's become a "story time" of idly looking at one's interior "diorama", "stuck in this oblivion", "sleepy", and "not strong". You could even sleep through a whole day - Thursday might be "zipped up" in a sleeping bag.
Naturally when you gripe about losing something, a family member is going to offer the irritating suggestion: "it's wherever you left it, dear!" "Argh!" says Flans, "Don't say that!" --Nehushtan (talk) 10:40, 24 October 2020 (EDT)
I think "nights go right up to the next" conveys the realization of staying up so long that it's practically the next day.