Interpretations:I Blame You

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It's about a couple who broke up. Neither take responsibility and they both blame each other for the break-up.

I think about how this story is told, compared with They'll Need A Crane, where both "gal" and "lad" are examined. In I Blame You, gal's side isn't told. I think that they broke up and he killed her.

"10 miles from nowhere" is definitely a remote location - perfect for burial. "He drops his car keys" because he had to take her out of the trunk, why would he have his car keys out anyway? He "finds her old hair comb" after it fell out of her hair, while he carried her out of the trunk. Then he puts her old hair comb "back where it lay" as a sentimental grave marker - no one's going to find her here anyway. All the while, he keeps blaming her for making him kill her. -- TheBlunderbuss 19:19, 2 July 2008 (UTC)