Guitar Tab:I Blame You

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I Blame You
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: E Major
Year: 1992
 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +

 [Convention: each chord is three beats/a full measure.  A dash indicates
 that the chord is held for another measure; if two chords appear with a
 slash between them, the first is played for two beats, the second for one.]
 E B E/A E
 |: E             C#m                  A            E
   Ten miles from nowhere, there's a story that's true
 A        E              F#            G# :|
 about a fine girl and a boy just like you
 they fell so deeply but then fell apart
 now they say the same words of what used to be
    F#          G#
 what used to be
 |: A  -       E - :|  (x3)
    I - blame you
    I - blame you
 I - blame you
 E B E/A E
 He drops his car keys and crawls on the ground
 finds her old hair comb she'd wear into town
 can't bear to keep it or throw it away
 gets back down on his knees puts it back where it lay
 back where it lay

 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +