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A Beautiful Mind[edit]

I love this song! Full of energy, and it totally rocks out! Fun lyrical theme too, all about suspicion/conspiracy. The listener is left wondering what to believe, who is right? Is the observer in the story right about something really happening with that violin case? Or are they delusional and truly just "seeing things"? At first it seems easy to dismiss the suspicions, but then the observer seems so confident.

While the specifics of the conspiracy/delusions are different, the topic makes me think of that excellent movie A Beautiful Mind, with a great performance by Russell Crowe depicting the real life of John Forbes Nash Jr. A thing named it 03:31, April 7, 2019‎

Wait Until Dark[edit]

The first time I heard this song I immediately thought of the Audrey Hepburn movie Wait Until Dark, and the more I listened the more it matched up.

The movie begins with someone handing off a doll ("I'm pretty sure there was a doll inside") which is filled with heroin, hence the sketchy nature of the exchange at the beginning of this song.

The "wearing a disguise" lyric refers to the several disguises of the villain, Roat, within the movie.

"That lady ... must have hid the doll" Roat is looking for the doll that Lisa ("that lady") had, but it's hidden now

"Trail went cold by the airport road" In the movie, the original exchange takes place at the JFK airport.

"Cameras pan across a crime scene" Certainly some crimes were committed in this movie.

The funny thing about it is that the main character of Wait Until Dark, Susy, is blind, so she has not, in fact, been seeing things. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Emmypoodle (talkcontribs) 11:36, July 28, 2019‎

A Similar Event Did Take Place[edit]

I get the feeling the idea for this song idea came from something that actually happened to John Linnell (although, hopefully not the part about stalking a stranger across town). AngleBlueprint (talk) 10:06, 14 May 2020 (EDT)


Like "Apophenia," I believe this is a song about seeing meaningful coincidences where none exist. The violin case seems to me to be not a real violin case but a metaphor for similarities between unrelated events. That's why no one other than the narrator of the song sees the violin case.