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heh heh. Linnell is the creepy one. :)

My guess: A girl who a long time ago had a crush on Linnell suddenly can't stop thinking about him. Inside her head, this is the song he sings.

Just from looking at the video it is probably simply written just to have a soundtrack for a short flash cartoon about a deformed hypnotist.

Then why does the video only do the first half of the song? I'm pretty sure the video was written afterwards. (It'd be pretty hard to make such a video like this before you had a soundtrack.)

But-some details make it seem like the Linnell is talking from his kid's perspective, saying how he's always thinking about his son when he's away. Parents become relatively obsessed with their children during early childhood, and dads forced to spend alot of time away from their kids can end up missing them /alot/. I know it is an intense, threatening sounding song for a sweet reference to a kid being on his mind, but I wouldn't put it past him to write a 'I love my kid' song in such an unconventional way. -Bazilisk

tiny face would lend some credence to this, but I don't think the kid would be someone he [hasn't] thought about in a long time.

-- Perhaps this song is from the perspective of an abandoned child. I mean, it is a pretty dark song.

"When you're trying to order at a fancy restaurant / You can only say my name" is a famous scene from Being John Malkovich.

Someone already mentioned hypnotism, it's one of the themes, but no one made the connection between it and Hypnotist Of Ladies yet. I think that's pretty much what the song is about. The first lines might throw you off into different interpretations but it's fairly simple to get: the tiny face is the tiny face of a pocket watch. The rest is just the following act (I declare "I can't be hypnotized" and am proven wrong).


Kinda looks like a homage to the Homestar Runner music vids. And the guy with the small face kinda reminds me of Strong Sad.

Having heard this song without reference to the video, I'd say it's about a man with a delusion that someone he is obsessed with now feels the same about him. The line "Your apparent nonchalance belies the fact that you can only think of me" would certainly suggest this - the person in question isn't really obsessed with the protagonist. Rather, the protagonist is obsessed with the protagonist being obsessed with him.


Right on. Apparent nonchalance belies nothing. Our narrator seems to think that where there's no smoke, the fire is exceptionally well hidden, but to think so would be to assume that the fire is there in the first place. The one thing about this that was bugging me was the thing about the tiny face. Then it occured to me. The face is emblematic of identity. To you his face is tiny because you never knew him very well. Stalkers sometimes convince themselves that the object of their obsession secretly desires them, and in fact believe that their object is sending secret messages to this effect, not being able to state it openly.


Another stalker song by Linnell?

It seems so. A sibling of "you'll miss me" and "I'm your boyfriend now." "Bastard wants to hit me", you have to wonder just how much grief Linnell gets in his personal life!
Mr Tuck

Let me clear up something...sometimes Linnell throws in lyrics that have nothing to do with the rest of the song, so I'll exclude "that one with the tiny face" for the sake of my interpretation. I think it might have to do with a fan's obsession with him, or maybe someone who was acquainted with him and might have been slightly infatuated with him, but either way, a long time ago. Then, suddenly he/she can't stop thinking about him. Everywhere he/she goes, there he is!

OR...because Linnell's singing this in a faux British accent, it might have NOTHING to do with Linnell at all! It could be some narrator, a British narrator, who has mental control of some person just because the person can't stop thinking/seeing/being reminded of the narrator. But I don't think it's about a stalker (i.e, I'm Your Boyfriend Now), just about the object of someone's obsession. - Overjoy

Just something that I noticed. After the line "every song you hear reminds you of me as well" They do a "bu bu bu bu ba" or something that sounds incredibly similar to some other tmbg song that I can't remember.....if I remember the song I'll come back here and add it, but I think that they purposely had the similarity, saying I guess that every song they hear they would just be hearing a tmbg song, which would be whatever song it is that I'm thinking of.

"Exquisite Dead Guy" maybe? --Apostrophe T (talk) 23:19, 6 May 2022 (EDT)

It is about[edit]

Some deranged English hypnotist who wants to make you think about him!

I think that the tiny face line refers to a yearbook picture or old photograph of someone who had been long forgotten, but suddenly brings back memories that you can't get out of your head no matter how hard you try. Perhaps there's some sort of fridge realization that makes him fascinating in retrospect, or maybe he now possesses some kind of supernatural mental influence that he's using on you.


It's about money. "Tiny face" = portraits on coins and bills.

Butt dial[edit]

So, let's set the stage. A girl gets an accidental butt dial from her ex-boyfriend that she hasn't thought about in years. Now all she can think about is him. My reasoning behind this relies on some small incidental clues, but mainly the lines that end with "you can only say my name", which, to my 15-year old knowledge, is a sex reference, as a cliche I've seen on movies or in TV shows is that the girl/boy yells out their current/previous lover's name instead of the other person involved, leading to skillful questioning.--You&Me!! (talk) 16:56, 28 May 2022 (EDT)