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I think this song is about date rape. "Never had a pocket watch, never counted backwards" says to me that this is not "being hypnotized" in a traditional way, and not remembering says to me that the "lady" had something done to them to alter their minds. I kind of enjoy this song, its catchy and fun. You know, as long as you don't interpret it. heh.

Flans at his right on worst. The idea that the poor girls are blind to the fact that they are being hypnotised is rather patronising, and one senses some good old fashioned sexism from the hero of our song who is dying to save them. The How Soon is Now guitar riff (copyright J Marr) does not help things either. (mr Tuck)

Flans at his PC best, whining that other guys can pick up when he can't. Rather insulting, as the songs narrator assumes that the women are in some way being "hypnotised". Honestly!

A very sinister interpration here, but I can't help think the subject could (unintentionally) act as a metaphor for date-rape. "You won't remember why you liked him" etc.

I always thought it was rape- or seduction- related, too. But somehow (i don't have the actual lyrics sheet, so I'm probably wrong) I always thought it was 'you won't remember why you _lied to_ him' ... Whether or not this is the actual lyric, i believe that TMBG often writes lyrics that are intentionally meant to be heard two ways - for example, in 32 Footsteps "32 lies my ears never saw when the floorboards gave way" can be easily mis-heard (more sense-makingly) as "32 lives my years never saw when the floorboards gave way" So this might be one of those....

I can't help but think of some stories I heard about Freud taking advantage of his female patients while they were hypnotized... I haven't bothered to research it, though. -The Cowch

Rather than date rape, I interpreted the main character (not the narrator, the subject of the song) as a Ross Jeffries sort of character. Jeffries uses hypnotism, but not the pocket watch kind, to implant subliminal commands. He also teaches the use of "anchors" (IIRC ... the word might be wrong, but the idea is right), where an ideal sensation or thought is associated with the hypnotist. Then when the girl thinks of that sensation or idea, she'll be reminded of the hypnotist, liking him without really remembering why. - 01:04, 20 Jun 2006 (MDT)

Wow, these interpretations are taken to the extreme. None of you have ever known a guy who attracts women by some unplaceable nature about him, when it eventually becomes apparent he's jerk? I don't see what's whiny or sinister about this song, it seems pretty truthful to me.

Whoa, guys, it's a joke[edit]

I agree, the interpretations are way, way too literal here. I've always heard this song as humorous and tongue-in-cheek. Like the interpreter above says, it's nothing more than a perception of a guy who seems to have a way with women even though he's a jerk. As a girl, I can very much confirm I've often ended relationships thinking, "Wow, what did I ever see in that guy?" It doesn't take much to jump from that to, "I must have been hypnotized to ever want that person."

It's sarcasm, people. Look it up.

Thanks for the alternative:

Gotta say, my mind went straight to rohypnol but I prefer your take. (CraneWife)