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Resistance is futile[edit]

A song composed from within the Borg Collective (hive mind). The Borg aren't known for creativity so you get the same phrase repeated, and it lasts about as long as it takes to complete the assimilation process. --MisterMe 16:03, 3 March 2013 (EST)

a song about bees[edit]

Always a bit stingy with influences outside the Beatles if they have one other cited influence it was the Residents. Hive Mind is about whatever you think it is (I think bees) and at 6 seconds it either works or it doesn't. It does! One of the thing I like best about the Giants is their very short songs. Usually for the effect on other people unused to them! They are quite a challenge to put several on an album. They don't work as a mini concept album like Fingertips did, and are more hit and miss on Nanobots, but Hive Mind works a treat.

(Mr Tuck)