Interpretations:High Five!

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Anyone can high five (or "tappe cinq, as the French would say). Children, football players, superheroes and heroines—even snowmen and bunny rabbits can express their appreciation for each other with this simple, personal space-flouting gesture. And there are a variety of ways to high five. There is the down low high five, which is not actually a high five at all. It is down low. I guess the only type of high five is the standard high five, and other fives are designated according to their position.

The football (or "le football americain," as the French would say) players in the video all have numbers that are multiples of five, except one. This football player does not fit in. He is not "divisible by five," both literally and figuratively. There is one like him on every team: a kid with a remainder. Or a retainer. A kid who has to take out his retainer so he can put in his mouth guard isn't going to "mesh" (or "coordonner," as the French would say). --Afterward 05:44, 6 December 2007 (UTC)