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Isn't it obvious? There's a guy who's driving his trailer to the store to buy a puppet head, but realize he has no more ideas and starts singing about something unrelated. He gets bored and set some guy's house on fire and walks to the Toys-R-Us 32 steps from the house. He meets a child there who has rabies and hasn't changed his clothes in years. His mother, a hotel detective, takes him away. It is then discovered that she's an angel, and he begins following her, driving his boat of car to the lighthouse where his dog died. A man with a chess piece for a face comes out, and it becomes evident that he is the husband of the angel/hotel detective and father of the rabid child. The first guy thinks he's gonna be killed by them because he followed them there, but doesn't want to die. Instead, the family just takes his money, leaving him poor. He sees a biplane bombing the world with fluffy pillows, and follows it to Marvin Gaye and Phil Ochs' wedding, where he joins the rhythm section of a band. The end. ~Anna Ng hears your words.

You forgot Absolutely Bill's Mood. -- 23:59, 17 November 2006 (UTC)

"...driving his boat of car to the lighthouse where his dog died..." -CapitalQtalk ♪ 00:32, 18 November 2006 (UTC)