Interpretations:Destination Moon (Dial-A-Song)

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This Song is totally about an injured person(the narrator) who is in complete denial of his situuation. He says "there is nothing wrong with me" so to prove it he says he is gonna take a rocket to the moon. He is in a hospital room, and somebody sends him a card with a cartoon nurse, and it makes him angry because "there is nothing wrong with him." He also says the man who sweeps the room brings him a secret telegram telling him to commence interplanetary exploration, but at the end he says "by rocket to the moon, crawl to the rocket, by coughing at the airport, by limping to the taxi, by throwing back the blanket hanging down the withered leg." -drworm 818- I'm on aol IM all the time and drworm 818 is my sn, so feel free to visit me. Always good to meet another TMBG fan.

Perhaps a reference to RA Heinlein's film and story of the same name? [1]