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A whole Rock Opera!:

  • Counterfeit Fake
A guy gets into a fight w/ his identical twin. First one calls the other a counterfeit fake, then the other does the same.
  • Broke in Two
The twin gets REALLY mad and runs off angrily.
  • My Evil Twin
Duh, the twin goes bad.
  • Counterfeit Faker
He thinks he can take 'em.
  • B. Wants to Hit.
He gets beat up by his evil twin.
  • Spine
Beat up, depressed, tired-that's where he is now.
  • Birdhouse in Your Soul
He tries to get the evil twin to stop being evil.
  • I Can't Hide from My Mind
This is the twin, not being evil.
  • Counterfeit Fake (Reprise)
The name is used again, now affectionately. "Oh, you Counterfeit Fake, you!"

(LIABILITY: Don't take this seriously. I did NOT actually think that, I just made it up for fun.)


I think it's about a guy whose nemesis is his own reflection. He continuously tries to confront the doppelganger, but always ends up smashing into mirrors and windows. AngleBlueprint (talk) 22:40, 29 March 2020 (EDT)

Paxus Calta[edit]

Could Mr. Flansburgh be singing about his brother, Paxus Calta? To put it nicely, they live opposite lifestyles. And they don't get along very well, at all.