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The influence of art-rock and the residents (just better singing) can be felt on this song. Essentially a song about nothing its more an exercise in experimenting with samples. Flans surreal stuff is great and far more interesting that his more commericial songs. Sung by his ex-girlfriend. (mr Tuck)

Linnell has said that the song "begins and ends with the lyrics," and doesn't really mean anything. I think it's probably a play on "boat" being used as a derogatory term for huge cars.

That sounds about right, but not quite. I think that the singer took the term "boat" literally, and drove his car into the water, thinking that it will be fine, since his car is a boat. Needless to say, the moron died. He clawed at the windsheild in a frantic attempt to escape, but failed. If a detetective was looking the scene over, he'd probably be following the scratches, or the "traces on the windsheild."

-Mushroom Pie 'n stuff

But it says I took my boat for a car, not car for a boat. 12:37, 27 Jun 2006 (MDT)

All very well, except the singer is a woman. ASL

It seems to be about the Chappaquiddick incident. Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned when Senator Ted Kennedy drove a car off a bridge. --Nehushtan 22:11, 26 Jan 2006 (EST)

If anyones seen the film Waking Life, the several references and scene with the guy who drives a boat car always reminds me of this song, and vice versa --AnklePants 07:07, 25 May 2006 (CDT)

basicly i think that the narrator has a car that looks like a boat, not that his car is a boat (as in a ship). the guy might of just trying to get somewhere; he doesn't know where he is going but he's sure he'll get somewhere, then he gives up, that makes him be open minded; in his hurry to get out of this "hell" he realises he lost the key for his car in his car, but he doesn't know where in the car it is are so he just decides to stop his grim, pessimistic outlook and sheds it for a omtimistic lifestyle filled with euphoria and ecstasy (as in the emotion, not the drug) which involves feeling the scratches and fingernail pieces that are either on or embedded in the insides of the windshield while narrating his life to himself. -- Economiclyracist 14:44, 7 January 2010 (UTC)


I believe this is a song about following someone. The narrator of the song is trying to travel somewhere important, but gets thrown off track by what she believes are small but important signs of another person's presence ('traces of your fingernails'). Finding the other person, who may or may not actually exist, becomes her only goal. The sample from "Daddy Sang Bass" could suggest she is searching for a family member. I don't know if the song was intended to mean anything anyway, but that's the story it suggests to me.