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Interpretation 1[edit]

I know that it's pretty obvious that this is just a description of Bill (Krauss)'s insanity, but I found an other interesting way of looking at it, the chorus can, in a way, describe an over-tasked brain:

 My room is comfortably small

The brain snug in your skull

 with rubber lining the walls

well, skin

 and there's some one always calling my name

you, calling upon your brain

 he calls when I'm alone

that is, always

 he calls when I'm not home

when your brain's drifting, you call it back to task

 and he calls when I'm stuck out in the rain

not quite sure about this one

 I'm insane

I'm overworked!

  • Saurd Fysh

Saurd, the thing is, I met Bill Krauss and he's not insane. In fact, he's really cool. I sort of felt that the thing driving him crazy was Eugene Chadbourne calling him and playing that Shockabilly guitar to his answering machine.

Saurd, I've always taken the description of a rubber room literally. A small room with rubber lining the walls is sometimes where the staff in a sanitarium or mental institution will confine insane people who are prone to dangerous fugues or outbursts. The rubber lining the walls keeps them from hurting themselves if they start to fling themselves against the walls. So, the chorus of the song is basically saying that the narrator is in a mental institution. -Ryan D.**

Interpretation 2[edit]

I read that above and had a few ideas about this myself

 I was born in a light house my mother was the sea

The brain controls everything, it watches over your whole body. and the body would be his mother. where he was made from (kinda)

 I crawled to school each morning when it occured to me

we have to force our selfs to pay attention and learn when our brain is overworked

 That life's just a mood ring we're not allowed to see

our brain controls our mood too, but we can't see it in our heads

 and this is what it said to me

now the brain is going to tell him that he's over worked

 (chorus allready explained)
 Now listen all you swingers, don't you try to tag along

i think this might be the brain talking to the rest of the body telling them to not be overworked

 I know monkey see, but monkey's dead, for you it would be wrong

the old saying "monkey see, monkey do" well he's saying that if they follow him, they'll stop working right. hencce the, for you it would be wrong, cuz if you overwork other organs, you could die

 Put a dime in my jukebox, you'll only hear this song 

I'm gonna keep warning you untill you hear me out

 And it won't be fun for long 

and being overworked isn't fun -klimdeeni

For you it would be wrong[edit]

In the up-side-down 60's and 70's there was a fascination with mentally unstable people, the conceit being "maybe the crazy people are right and the 'sane' people are really crazy". Witness works like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and certain novels by Philip K. Dick. Maybe this resonated with some when Nixon was in the White House, but in fact the insane are in profound pain and are not to be honored for their special 'perspectives' -- they are to be pitied. Those who elevated schizophrenics and paranoiacs to the status of unsung messiahs are the "swingers" who wanted to "tag along", i.e., imitate the deranged. Flans morphs this imitation ("Monkey see, monkey do") into a warning. --Nehushtan 00:16, 13 Mar 2006 (CST)

Interpretation 4[edit]

This part of the song

"My room is comfortably small
With rubber lining the walls"

makes me think that he is in a solitary confinement room or insane asylum or something else like that. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 01:07, 24 February 2012

Interpretation 5[edit]

What is the sound of someone always calling Bill's name? That's right: this song is about William Nye.


I know this is similar, but this is what I think this song is referring to

“ my rooms comfortably small“ This is a line from the chorus and what I think it’s referring to is about someone in an insane asylum “ with rubber lining the wall” more proof since insane asylum rooms are usually covered with rubber on the wall “ and someone’s always calling my name“ Auditory hallucinations that’s really one way to explain it “ I’m insane I’m insane I’m insane I’m insane” This is just him flat out, saying it

There’s my proof that this song is about insanity. It may be general in Broad, but oh well.