Guitar Tab:Absolutely Bill's Mood

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Absolutely Bill's Mood
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: B Minor
Year: 1986
1         2         3         4         1         2         3         4     
                                                                       I    was
 Bm                  F#m                 E                   Bm
 born      in a      lighthouse, my      mother was the      sea            I
 crawled to school each morning   when   it occurred to      me             That
 G                   D                   F#                  Bm
 life's just a       mood ring     we're not allowed    to   see            and
 E                                       F#
 this is   what it   said           to   me:                           My
 Bm                  A                   Bm                  F#m
 room's comfortably  small     with      rubber lining the   walls   and there's
 Bm                  E                   A
 someone always      calling    my       name                          he
 Bm                  A                   Bm                  F#m
 calls when I'm alone         and   he   calls when I'm not  home      and  he
 D                                       F#                            A
 calls when I'm stuck out in       the   rain                          I'm  in-
 Bm                                                                    A
 sane                                                                  I'm  in-
 1         2         3         4         1         2         3         4