Battle Of The Bands

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The Battle of the Bands is a project They Might Be Giants undertook to humorously explore various musical genres. For the project, Linnell and Flans wrote songs stereotypically imitating styles ranging from metal to psychedelia to pop, among others. The idea was inspired by a concept album of the same name by the band The Turtles. Like The Turtles, TMBG took on a different alias for each song, depending on the style. The band's heavy metal alias, Demchuk, is named for Peter Demchuk, a producer for ABC who produced the Brave New World series, for which "Cut The Strings" (credited to "Demchuk") was written.

Songs released[edit]

The band created ten different songs for the project. Many were released across various months of TMBG Unlimited, and later released in the TMBG Podcast. "Cut The Strings" was originally featured in Brave New World, and most likely rebranded for the purposes of this project. The following songs were part of the Battle of the Bands, credited to their respective bands and performed in the style noted: