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9 Secret Eps is a limited-run They Might Be Giants fan podcast by John Walker and Jon Uleis that ran from 2021 to 2022.

Partially inspired by the song "9 Secret Steps" and TMBW's exploration of song themes, the show's premise is to discuss a selection of TMBG (and solo project) songs divided by topic, throughout nine main episodes. Main episodes typically touch on a total of 15 songs as hosts John & Jon and a guest fan take turns introducing and discussing five songs each that they feel represent the episode's topic. If more than one person in an episode has selected the same song, it's declared a "Power Song."

Bonus episodes feature interviews in a looser form, discussing TMBG with accomplished fans such as Paul Myers or people who have worked with the band including Susan Drew and Bo Orloff. One bonus episode features a phone interview with John Flansburgh conducted by co-host John Walker years before the creation of the podcast. The show's final episode consists of a new full-length interview with TMBG's manager for over 30 years, Jamie Kitman.


Episode Title Guests Topic Release
#1 Flansburgh/Linnell Each John's songwriting Mar 14, 2021
#2 Ambassadors of Love Abi Bash Love, relationships, heartbreak May 12, 2021
#3 Life's a Funny Thing Kyle A. Carrozza Humor, comedy in music May 26, 2021
Bonus Seriously Joking Paul Myers Special guest fan interview Jun 4, 2021
#4 Educational Value Greg Simpson Educational songs Aug 17, 2021
Bonus Going Major Bo Orloff, Ira Robbins, Susan Drew TMBG transitioning to Elektra Sep 1, 2021
#5 The One Where You're No Longer Alive Shawn Jones Death and serious injury Sep 28, 2021
#6 Live Giants! Mike Buffington TMBG's live shows Nov 25, 2021
#7 Solo Johns Will Hines John & John's solo projects Dec 24, 2021
Bonus Flansburgh on the Line John Flansburgh 2001 phone interview with JF Apr 1, 2022
#8 Dial-A-Song Classics Andrew Tisher Songs exclusively on Dial-A-Song May 5, 2022
#9 Jamie Lincoln Kitman Jamie Kitman Career-spanning interview Jun 16, 2022

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