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Review by BLNKRBOY:
TMBG played to a packed house last night in Jacksonville, Fla. The John's took the high road and gave this town a show-and-a-half, more than making up for the ill-fated Milk Bar appearance of last year. (not THEY's fault.) Almost two hours of music from the vast wellspring that precedes the release of Severe Tire Damage. Highlights included:

Pet Name - A personal fave.

Don't Lets Start !!!!!

Snail Shell - Flans Funky Fresh Footpedal Fretwork - Let's Escargot!

The crowd was pumped, the boys were diggin' it and the AC was ON! After the show, John F. signed shirts, tix, etc. for all who wanted it. I mentioned it was a much better show than the HOB on Saturday. Being ever the most humble and real of people, Flans said he had travelled 14 hours to get to the HOB show, thats why he was out of sorts on that night. No need to apologize, as I was referring to the crowd and sound. They also made an appearance on the local Alt.rock.sta. - Best part was when they attempted to sleaze by with a request of 'Enter Sandman' with the intro music and vocal melody of 'Mr. Sandman'. Panache!