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Setlist: (incomplete)

They Might Be Giants
— with Soul Coughing opening —
Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH
March 6, 1995 at 8:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $15 in advance, $16 day of show.

Review by Chad Hobbs:
I am not THE biggest TMBG fan... But I love everything I have heard. Which is about 3-4 albums worth. I saw the show at bogarts in cincinnati, OH march 22 (?) it was a monday... The opening band was Soul Coughing... Which kicked ass. A great band... However during the opening act I realized that this show was going to be A LOT rougher than I expected... I thought "Hey, it's TMBG... No one can mosh to this..." How wrong I was. BOGARTS is a small club (which is great) it seats about 1000 (?) people. Well durring the opening act 2 people were actually INJURED. As a result of a fight. Others were hurt while crowd surfing. I actually saw people surfing durring the intermission... WITH NO MUSIC. When TMBG came out it was anarchy. I was immediatly crushed. And was crushing other people. Mind you I am stage center about 5 feet back into the crowd. I maintained this position for the entire show. (although it nearly killed me) By the end I had lost my glasses (which I wouldn't have worn if I had known it was going to be that violent.) and I got kicked in the head by a surfer... *OUCH* But it was great... TMBG played for almost 2 hours... And they played HARD. Highlights for me was hearing TMBG's redition of "The Joker" by Steve Miller (is that the right title?) They did a great job. I loved it. So, are all (or any other) TMBG concerts this violent? I enjoyed myself at this one... But I had a hard time actually watching the show (partly because after I lost my glasses I was blind -- but also because I was always "defending" myself)