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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I remember that they played Frankenstein because it was the only song that my first-timer friend knew.
I remember that they played No One Knows My Plan because lots of people participated in the conga line in this large old-style theater.


This was the first concert I ever attended in my life. My family had just moved to Vermont, and I met my first friend, Chris. He introduced me to the band, and so we went to this show.
The Flynn was an awesome venue for concertgoers at the time. Small shop, haven't been there in more than 21 years as of this writing, not sure how it is today.
A black and white, large faced "young girl" backdrop was featured... I'm sure that I've seen the image before, but I'm not sure if that was standard set dressing for shows of the time.
Neither the image nor the show were a John Henry album cover... though as I recall, most of the show was John Henry out of order with a smattering of Lincoln and Apollo 18.
I do not recall any Flood specifically, but JH rendition of Snail Shell was definitely on the setlist by my recollection. I'm not sure where in the order.