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This show was one of my first times to see Them and it was kind of a disaster. I would be willing to bet that the Vatican didn't have much business before the show and may have been closed down soon after. If you have ever been in Houston in July you will understand. The venue was basically a movie theater with the seats removed. There was absolutely no air conditioning. None. A couple of industrial-sized fans were at the sides of the open area. It was a sweltering situation that only got worse as more people packed into the place.
The opening act was a bore and everyone seemed to hate them. The feeling was apparently mutual because the lead guitarist/vocalist cut off his last song before it was finished and said good night. Another 40 minutes passed and the Johns came out. The music started and after a number of songs the crowd started moshing. Flans took a minute between songs to encourage people to do traditional square dancing instead of dangerous moshing. However, the band was only able to play a handful of additional songs because apparently the fire marshal decided that the place needed to be closed and every one had to leave. Maybe someone fainted. No explanation was given other than Flans apologizing and saying "We have to stop now; it's not our fault, it's not your fault, but it's somebody's fault."
And that was it. I bet they played only about 10 songs. I'm sure John meant that the owners of the place were to blame. Anyway, the Johns didn't return to Houston for years, and I'm sure that night's experience at the Vatican was a big part of it.