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song name Science Is Real
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Comes Science, Podcast 55
year 2009
first played October 1, 2009 (26 known performances)
run time 1:54
sung by John Flansburgh


  • Video directed by David Cowles and Andy Kennedy.
  • One of the only somewhat controversial songs in the They Might Be Giants catalog, because of the lyric "I like the stories about angels, unicorns and elves". A 2009 Examiner article shows how online discussions on Amazon regarding the song were stirring up controversy even prior to the album's release, because of the affirmation to children that angels are fictional and are to be seen in the same light as unicorns and elves.
  • John Linnell, answering the question "Your lyrics talk about evolution being real and how stories about angels and unicorns are just that, stories. Did you worry that this might alienate some listeners?" (Nature interview, August 26, 2009):
John Flansburgh took the bull by the horns by writing that song and addressing that situation, which is that religion cannot take the place of science. It's not something you can tiptoe around. It's important that everybody gets what the discussion is about. If we're talking about the history of Earth, we can't rely on religious tradition to tell us all the information. He says it in the song: as beautiful as the stories are, they don't tell us everything we need to know. It's an old complaint on the part of scientists, but it bears repeating.
Flansburgh laments that science has come to be seen with an aura of suspicion in the US. Or as he puts it, "People still want to get on planes but they don't want to admit science is real."

Song Themes

Animals, Backwards, I Am, Mythology, Questions, Religion, Supernatural, Science, Space, Stories


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